Crossing Networks and firewalls

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Crossing Networks and firewalls

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I need to see what ports and protocols are needed for pinholes in the firewalls between networks of the devices and the HDHomerun 4K.

I have an IoT network that all our "devices and TVs" live on among other things. I then have a "trusted" network that the HDHomerun and Plex server live on as I use Plex for the DVR. I have pinholes in the networks between the Plex for example and TVs and devices, which those work fine. However I need to see how to open holes for the HDHomerun as it uses discovery tools in the App?

I saw one article about UDP/TCP port 65001 but that has been it so far. But how does the discovery from say the LG TV app work towards the HDhomerun? If I put the TV on the same "trusted" network it works fine. I have opened port 65001 & 5004 both TCP and UDP, but still nothing in the LG app.


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Re: Crossing Networks and firewalls

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discovery sends a UDP packet to port 65001 of the broadcast address of the network. some have been able to make such packets traverse various networks (vlans) through various mangling but some devices it can be tough to get to accept the response.

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