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salsaguy wrote: Wed Dec 30, 2020 12:51 am Would getting this device for my setup help me ou to improve?
Here in the L.A. market, NBC4-LA on RF channel 36 @ 605.000 MHz is the highest frequency in use for DTV. Even that channel may not need an LTE filter, depending on your proximity to cell towers. (Edit: In my case I have several towers within a miile or so from my house but still receive this channel with 100% signal strength, signal quality, and symbol quality, with no LTE filter.) And the High-VHF channels 7-13 (177.000 - 213.000 MHz) are so low on the spectrum that LTE interference should not be an issue there.

Suggest you focus on getting your antenna and cabling setup correctly for High-VHF first. After that you may find that you have no issues on the UHF channels.

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I'm having a problem viewing NBC in the Houston area. Here it is on channel 35. Checking the map as suggested every channel shows up in Green for my location. With the exception of a second CBS station that shows up in yellow.

I get 135 channels in total, about 35 of which include content I might actually want to watch.

The problem I'm having is with NBC and only NBC. The Signal Strength/Quality and Symbol Quality are at 100% constantly for NBC. I'm using the Channel Master flat wall antenna on the 2nd story of my home. All the channels I care about come in perfectly, except for NBC despite the fact it shows 100% on all 3 categories at ALL times. There is a 24h news network in HD on channel 12.1 and it comes in fine even though it shows signal strength at 100%, but quality hovering in the 70's. I don't really care to watch it, but just as an example I don't understand how I can have such terrible breakup on NBC despite getting a really good signal. I'm using thick RG6 cabling from the antenna to the HDHR. It's a 12 foot cable.

I noticed it today when I tried to finish watching the football game from yesterday. I still have only watched half of it because the picture drops out constantly with noise in the frames and dropping of the audio. I don't have to watch for more than 30-60 seconds to see an issue and usually it occurs more often than that. Some occasional minor interference isn't an issue, but this is frequent with audio dropping out and the picture freezing. I moved the ethernet cable going into the HDHR so it would be farther away from all the other wires and that seems to have mitigated the issue some, but I'm not sure. I tested on both a live and recorded portion of the hockey game that was on NBC this afternoon. Playback in Kodi and the HDHR app on Shield TV Pro 2019 and my PC had issues, though they seemed to be less severe than they were before I moved the wire today.

I'm using an HDHR Scribe Quatro, which I would imagine when recording a show sends it directly to the HDD without sending it out over the network first. I have the issue using the HDHR app or Kodi. It happens both with live TV and recordings.

Does anybody have an idea of what I must do to fix this issue? Is it possible the signal being too strong could cause these problems? I'm about 9 miles from the broadcast location.

There are a fair amount of cell towers in my immediate area. We have poor reception despite this. This issue is driving me nuts and I can't imagine why I'm having problems now when I didn't before, at least not that I noticed. I moved my antenna 3 times since receiving it. All 3 times I took measurements of all the important local channels and NBC comes up at 100% in all 3 categories no matter where the antenna is. I don't remember having issues this severe prior to moving the antenna higher on my wall on the afternoon of the 14th in an attempt to make sure the NFL games this weekend come in properly. Before receiving the channel master antenna I had a cheap one with a poor unshielded attached cable. Even with that antenna I got 92/97/100 for the three values. I saved screenshots for each antenna in the various locations.

I just can't figure what the cause of this poor performance might be. Anyone have any ideas?

Turns out it's an issue with every broadcast network once it gets to be later at night. I have no idea what the issue could be.
When I thought it was just NBC I thought an LTE filter might help, but now that I'm having issues everywhere, especially in the evening hours I'm starting to think it's leakage from my cable modem.
I get periods of 10 seconds where the picture just hangs and audio continues. I had to restart the Shield TV 3 times to get through the second half of Sunday's AFC game on NBC. If I opened the recording with the HDHR app it played back via audio only. What's really weird is I haven't had any problems like this until yesterday. Even weirder is I watched the CBS game on Sunday afternoon and it had almost NO issues. Then I watch the game I really want to see on Fox and it's a disaster, like CBS the day before. Then my mother complains that 60 minutes is all messed up, which aired right after the game on CBS which was fine. I just don't get it. I'm recording programs from all 4 major network simultaneously in a few minutes in an attempt to recreate the issue. Or verify it has something to do with the time of day.

Update2: It appears it's related to heat. I had NO idea how hot the Scribe Quatro got on the bottom. It's literally hot enough that it's uncomfortable to touch. So I just had it sitting on top of my PC while waiting for my cable box sub to lapse. Now it's getting proper airflow. This makes perfect sense as the times I was having problems is the same time that area of the house is warmest. It's also why I had no issues with the early NFL games either day, but I had issues with the late games.

I recorded all 4 major networks from midnight to 1am and the ONLY network I saw any noise on was NBC, which is 599mhz. So I'm going to buy an LTE filter and hope that and the new placement takes care of the heat problem. If it doesn't then I'll probably just send it back. They really should mention heat in the documentation because the top isn't warm at all, but the bottom is too hot to touch at times. At this point I'm still not certain the unit can stand up to recording a pair of football games without overheating.

Thankfully this was purchased during Amazon's extended return policy so I have until the 31st of January to send it back. If I do send it back it won't be because I want to, but because the unit doesn't have sufficient cooling. I may end up purchasing a tuner only instead and using external storage because the drive seems to be the primary source of heat. The other option may be to crack it open and fashion another case that will allow the unit to run without overheating.

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DornoDios - you should not be experiencing heat related performance issues.

We have a firmware update that adds temperature to the diagnostic logging - I will let you know when it is released (should be later this week).


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Thank you for the information!

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Just a heads-up. Began having an increasing number of issues with signal reception on my HDHRs starting around holidays. Had a TV go out and realized just how well reception is on the new TV - surprising actually. The TV pulls signal from a passive splitter which receives the attic antenna signal w/one leg of an 11db amplified splitter; it gets great reception. The other 11 db leg drops to a second powered splitter with 6 coax cables receiving an additional 4db boost to the HDHRs. The SNR reading on Channel 26 [pretty high up in frequency range 542-548mhz] has been erraticly jumping around and the channel unwatchable. I tried my usual tricks.

Overall reception for all channels improved awhile back after a light sanding of the antenna and all wires w/emery cloth to get off the dust & corrision after many years of use. I checked and re-tightened all the connections, more recently moved the cable away from 120V cable in the attic, and finally again tweaked the antenna.
Reading about the impact of 5g Cell service - I thought to order the filter - which arrived from Amazon in two days. I screwed it directly ahead of the 11db split and noticed the reading for channel 26 are much better SS/SNR/Sym 97-100/78-81/100 now and I've picked up several more channels in the process. Overall I'm impressed.

Unfortunately, Houston channel 26 isn't 100% viewable yet. Along with my Xbox buffering issues, I suspect the ethernet over power simply isn't providing adequate network bandwith with the HDHR using a data rate of 19.495 Mbps. I'll be attempting to drop a wired connection into the room this month to see if the issue is resolved.

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According to CW's review on Amazon with measured specs.
"Ch36 (602,608MHz): -2.2, -4.7dB respectively"

From specs I've seen this is substantially the same as the Channel Master LTE filter.

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