HD Homerun prime

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HD Homerun prime

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I have a cable subscription with Time Warner. And looking to add the HD Homerun prime to my network so I can record stuff to my Synology. Will this work as a DVR or cable box

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Re: HD Homerun prime

Post by signcarver »

TWC areas 99% of the time have DRM protection on all non-local channels so the only thing that can record anything but locals is wmc (windows 7/8) For watching live rather than recording you have more options.

If you happen to be in that 1% (or less) of areas of Time Warners areas that don't protect everything then yes there are options to record from your nas, but the way you asked about replacing the box, you will need some client device to play (some tv's may have such options built in rather than using an external device) as the hdhomerun tuners connect to your network not to your tv like a stb does.

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