Primes disappear from listing - intermittent issue

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Primes disappear from listing - intermittent issue

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I have 2 Primes that seem to disappear from the HDHOMERUN list every so often. I have multiple HDHOMERUN VIEW Apps running on different systems and it will disappear from one but not others. This morning it happened again - does not show (it is "lined ou"t as unavailable in the Account settings page) on my Android TV HDHOMERUN app but they are showing fine on a Win 10 HDHOMERRUN View app. When they disappear you cannot tune to the station on the PRIME and can only tune in OTA stations from the other tuners which never disappear - it only happens to the Primes. The Record Engine is running on a WD PR2100 NAS it it never seems to lose the Primes so all recordings are happening as they should.

Restarting the device running the View app seems to bring them back. All tuners are at latest firmware and all apps are running latest versions.

All the View devices and the Record engine are on the same network. There is no rhyme or reason to the disappearances and it eventually comes back on its own.

The 2 pics below were taken at the same time - the Primes are missing from the Android TV but are fine on the Win 10 view app. This has been going on for some time. What could be going on? Anyone else seeing this same behavior with Primes? Device ID's are listed in my profile - Diagnostics on the Record Engine is turned on,


Win 10 system - missing Primes ... C.jpg?dl=0

Android Tv - working fine ... V.jpg?dl=0

All show as registered to my account on the registration page:
Associate the following HDHomeRun devices with your account:

DeviceID Model Firmware
1045F491 HDHomeRun CONNECT 20200907
104656E0 HDHomeRun CONNECT 20200907
104DE046 HDHomeRun CONNECT 20200907
1080449D HDHomeRun CONNECT 4K 20201030
131D89CA HDHomeRun PRIME 20200907
131F796F HDHomeRun PRIME 20200907

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