wireless tv sticks have trouble finding the homerun unit on app start but can find it on rescan.

Reception, channel detection, network issues, CableCARD setup, etc.
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wireless tv sticks have trouble finding the homerun unit on app start but can find it on rescan.

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So I have had a first gen firestick for years now and the homerun software when you launch it, it waits for the connection and tells you "unable to find a unit on this network" and I can hit the rescan button and then it finds the unit and connects and works over 5ghz wireless.I always assumed the device was too slow to pick up the network location or something.

I recently bought an Xiaomi Mi TV Stick android tv stick with quad core, faster processors etc and the same thing happens, connect, no deivce found, rescan and it finds the hdhome run and then works.Well, sort of works but thats a different issue I can post later. 1 channel works the rest are choppy.

I can open the hdhomerun app on my android phone and boom, right to viewing. same with my wifes apple phone.

It opens on any of my windows wired pc's and wireless laptops with no issues.

Lastly, I found roku stick and wanted to see if they had hdhomerun working, loaded it and upon launch the same thing as my firestick, it cant find the unit.This one is odd in that if I hit the try again button the app just boots me out and back to the home menu. so I currently have no way to verify the app works.

So I want to figure out why my wireless stick device all have this trouble finding the unit. I have the unit assigned a static ip of while all my streaming devices are assigned Ip's for QOS reasons.

Does anyone know how the initial broadcast from the app works ? I hoped I could move my units ip address to and it might pick it up on the first scan but that did not work neither did changin it to

Is there any way to fix this on the users end or is it just the way it is on the app end.

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