Configure HDHR5-4K with Static IP

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Configure HDHR5-4K with Static IP

Post by Techrep »

Model: HDHR5-4K
Device ID: 10804DBB
Firmware: 20201030


I found some documentation regarding the use of hdhomerun_config.exe (it may be out of date) but I tried to set the IP configuration of my device which failed.

I ran hdhomerun_config 10804DBB get help which returned the following below. No option indicated that the IP address could be configured for fixed.

Is this actually the case? If so could we please have it added to the next firmware release or perhaps the next sprint?


Supported configuration options:
/sys/restart <resource>
/tuner<n>/channel <modulation>:<freq|ch>
/tuner<n>/channelmap <channelmap>
/tuner<n>/filter "0x<nnnn>-0x<nnnn> [...]"
/tuner<n>/program <program number>
/tuner<n>/target <ip>:<port>
/tuner<n>/vchannel <vchannel>

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Re: Configure HDHR5-4K with Static IP

Post by signcarver »

Only the (much more expensive/commercial) TECH models allows one to set a static ip. Best you can do is DHCP reservation for consumer models. One of the reasons behind such is there is no reset switch on the device and "consumers" would have a hard time fixing such (i.e. they bought a new router and it used a different default address range).

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