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System Time

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I'm looking for the settings of the system time of the HDHR3-4DC

The last four years it worked smoothly, but recently I installed a pi-hole.

For activation of the EPG I discovered to whitelist:

Before change of daylight savings time, the system time was correct, but unfortunately now it is one hour behind.

Is it possible to change the HDHR3-4DC to a different time zone?
Or do I need to whitelist a time server that the HDHR3-4DC uses (ntp.pool server?), although I can't find any blocked attempts from the internal IP of the HDHR3-4DC?

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Re: System Time

Post by signcarver »

As far as the device, EPG, DVR is concerned, times are UTC and should not change due to your local time's change... there are some cases where the client is on a machine that isn't set for correct time zone thus translates that UTC time to the wrong time.

So what issue are you seeing?

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