HR Local Only Mode?

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HR Local Only Mode?

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My ISP is down and they can't give me a date when it will return. Until then I'd like to use my HDHR5-4US, but can't make a connection with it from iPad now that I have no internet connection. I can connect to my HDHR5-4US via my browser and it report all is well. I would like to connect from iOS devices, but can't. Is there anyway to get the HDHR iOS app to connection locally on my intranet?

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Re: HR Local Only Mode?

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SiliconDust's apps will not function without internet connectivity. If you want to use your tuner without internet, you'll have to find another app.

For most any platform VLC will let you directly connect to the tuner. For iOS devices, I recommend Channels (which is free on iOS) to access your tuner.

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