Android - Latest HDHomeRun "hdhomerun_view_android_20201022.apk" file wont install

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Android - Latest HDHomeRun "hdhomerun_view_android_20201022.apk" file wont install

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I have downloaded and tried to install ( update) the latest "" hdhomerun_view_android_20201022.apk " file
on my Android TV Box that has Android 10 on it, and when trying to install, it shows "" App Not Installed ""

I had redownloaded the file, to make sure there was no corruption to the file, but the same issue happens.

The Android 10 box works fine, with the previous version of the HDHomeRun View app.

It just wont successfully install this update?

Any help or direction on why this may be happening would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: Android - Latest HDHomeRun "hdhomerun_view_android_20201022.apk" file wont install

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are you trying to SIDEload the app as you mentioned .apk file
why not get it directly from the Google Play store?
Looks like they just came out with a new app for Android version 20201229 (Dec 29) that Im updating on my phone right now ... ndust.view
Say it does a lot of fixes

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