HDHomeRun Extend hardware failure?

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HDHomeRun Extend hardware failure?

Post by ajay »

I have two HDHomeRun tuners - an HDHR dual and an Extend connected to my network and assigned with static IP's.
I navigated to the set up page (my.hdhomerun) to check for firmware updates and noticed that the Extend is no longer listed.
I ran the HDHomeRun Config program and the Extend was missing in the list.
I am able to go directly to the setup page for the device using the IP address but the installation link showed up with a device id of FFFFFFFFF. Checking the status, I noticed that the Device Id is now reset to FFFFFFFF which may indicate the reason that it is not being detected.

The following was included in the system log:
19700101-01:01:25 Tuner: tuner0 tuning 13.1 KTRK-HD (8vsb:213MHz-3)
19700101-01:03:39 System: myhdhomerun_sync: webclient error (http error 400)

The device is otherwise fully functional but I can not check or update firmware if it does not show up.
Is this indicative of a hardware failure?

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Re: HDHomeRun Extend hardware failure?

Post by NedS »

Open a support ticket and we will try to repair it: https://www.silicondust.com/support/trouble-ticket/

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