Two Cable Cards with Two HDHOMERUN PRIME and Optimum

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Two Cable Cards with Two HDHOMERUN PRIME and Optimum

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Hi I need help after two months on the phone with Optimum. Which they have no idea what they are doing. I'm trying to hook up two cable cards to two HDHomeRun PRIME setup. But for some weird reason, they can't see the second card, they only see the one card from their network. I also had two tech support onsite from Optimum and they said my cables and setup are correct but again they can't validate my second card. The last technician on the phone recommended a Cisco Tuner adapter. So I went to the Optimum store and they no longer carry this and told me that I don't need that, that's old technology. I kind of agree since I don't think I need this since my one CableCard works fine. It's just the second that can't be validated. Can anyone help me? I'm about to return the second card, but this supposed to work fine.

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Re: Two Cable Cards with Two HDHOMERUN PRIME and Optimum

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They can't see any cards as it is a one way device so my advice is to always get another csr if they even mention seeing/not seeing a card. The TA is two way and is required for many channels in some optimum markets but that still doesn't do anything for them to see the card. Is it a Cisco (sa/technicolor) card or an nds card (which may say cisco)? as most with problems with optimum are with the nds cards (you don't get to choose, as you need the one for your area)

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