Firmware files for Legacy hdhr models?

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Firmware files for Legacy hdhr models?

Post by hen201 »

Right now mine is running 20081002, I would like to at least upgrade to 20081209, and even newer if possible. I bought this model new around 12 years ago, just dusted it off and it still works great, scans channels and can even record using the hdhomerun_config binary -- only problem is that software like mythtv and others that try to lock the device fail -- it always appears locked to the newer libraries.

Sorry if this belongs in the software section. Thanks in advance.

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Re: Firmware files for Legacy hdhr models?

Post by nickk »

2008? Wow!

The latest firmware for a legacy model is 20200225.

If running Windows or Mac the easiest way to upgrade is to install and run the HDHomeRun software for Windows or Mac:

For Linux the firmware file is available from the HDHomeRun Software for Linux page:


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Re: Firmware files for Legacy hdhr models?

Post by Cozz »


The links for the legacy HD Home run app aren't working ... y_hardware

The New app from the downloads page find the Quatro and Extend I have but not the Dual (its HDHomeRun Setup version 20201023)

If i browse manually to the IP of the dual its online. This is the info:
Model: HDHR-US
Device ID: 101AAACC
Firmware: 20150604

Trying to upgrade the firmware and use it with Channels DVR for a single antenna channel on a different antenna pointed another direction then my Quatro is setup for.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: Firmware files for Legacy hdhr models?

Post by signcarver »

The link situation is something nickk might want to look at... it started happening about the same time that the issue with kodi and images (but that issue was fixed with a tweak, but still may be somewhat related) . From what I can tell the redirect of the generic release/beta links is causing issues with some browsers saying it can't be downloaded securely (with chrome on windows I can get it to work by right clicking the link but of course then it states such isn't secure, if I just click it, it appears to do nothing.. this applies to the main site as welk). I do believe I am guessing at the redirect issue but I base that on not having such errors if I download a version directly.

Generally SD has frowned upon posting direct links to versions in the forum (got moderated in the past for doing so) but I believe there is one in the recent installing without windows store thread to a slightly older version than today's but you can change the "date" in the link to today (20201023) since one was released today (assuming windows as you most likely will need a windows pc to apply the "hack" to make it somewhat compatible sswith the modern methods)

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