I have to reset HDHR Connect sometimes?

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I have to reset HDHR Connect sometimes?

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I have 2 HDHRs tuners:

HDHR4-2US Connect
HDHR5-4US Connect Quatro

I have a problem where occasionally, the 2 channel Connect will start getting really bad quality on a Mythtv recording. When I check the tuner using the linux hdhomerun_config_gui I see that all channels have poor signal strength and quality. I can fix this by unplugging the power supply and plugging it in again.

It's not an everyday affair, but you usually notice it after you get a messed up recording of something you wanted.

I have replaced the power supply with a new one I ordered from SD, so unless I got another bad PS, that's not the problem.

I do not have this issue with the Quatro.

All my stations that I use to record have 90% signal strength or better, 100 % signal quality, and 100 %symbol quality.

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