Pixilation on Live TV

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Pixilation on Live TV

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I posted recently on here about an issue with signal quality, which I thought had been solved with the purchase of filters I was advised on here to get. Now I am having an issue with video pixilation on HD Channels. Below is 2 clips I've uploaded to Youtube to demonstrate the issue, I'm hoping someone will be able to suggest something I can try to resolve this issue.

I am currently using Mediaportal 1.24 (Final release)


I have had a look at the System Log available through the browser and it doesn't give much information to go by but if it will help, I'd gladly upload it.

Otherwise if I can't get this issue resolved I may have to return my HDHomeRun Quatro (which I've only had since May 2020) and look at alternative Network tuners.

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Re: Pixilation on Live TV

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Try disabling the HDHomeRun DVR that is running on one of your Windows PC, since you don't appear to have a DVR subscription, so it might have been activated by mistake:

Open the HDHomeRun Setup utility, click on the "DVR" tab, make sure "Use this PC for recordings" is unchecked, then click "Apply".

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