Question about connect quatro

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Question about connect quatro

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Planning on buying hdhomerun connect quatro and disconnect cable. I have 2 questions.

4 tuners, can i watch same channel on 4 devices at same time? Or does each device have to watch different channel?

Hows the tuner on this device? I would normally use an amplified antenna directly to tv. Do i use amplified or non amplified antenna with the connect quatro?

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Re: Question about connect quatro

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You can watch 4 channels but whether they use one tuner or use multiple tuners to tune the same channel depends on the software... with SD's software if you have the DVR engine installed somewhere on the same network, the engine uses one tuner to get the channel and the clients get the stream from the DVR engine so less tuners can be used when viewing the same channel.

For most areas the tuner is great but it is more sensitive than others when it comes to overload so you will not know whether or not to use the amplifier until you hook it up and look at the signal levels. For most, I strongly recommend an LTE filter.

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