Homerun App keeps kicking back to guide for OTA channels

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Homerun App keeps kicking back to guide for OTA channels

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Hi all - I have been experiencing a frustrating issue when watching my local OTA channels through the HD Homerun App. I'll be rolling along smoothly for awhile & I will get kicked back to the guide. Usually, this will happen at least once during an hour long show and quite often, it happens more frequently. This isn't a new issue- it's been happening for quite sometime...at least 6 months,perhaps more.

Once back in the guide, if I click the channel again, it will come back on, but more than likely, I will be kicked out again. Sometimes it can happen multiple times within a few minutes. I haven't been able to find any definitive underlying issue.

I ran some tests recently by viewing the same channel on my TV, android phone & windows laptop simultaneously. I only have the issue with the TV.

My particulars:
Main TV is a Visio using Roku Ultra - usually the only TV running
2 other Visio TV's using Roku Streaming Stick+
1 GB Verizon home internet service
The Roku's are up-to-date.

I can view other streaming app's on the same TV setup without this issue (Philo, Netflix, Pluto, Tubi, etc.).

I checked with the Roku community and tried un-installing the HD app, restarting the Roku & re-installing the app, but that hasn't corrected the issue either. They recommended that I reach out over here.

Has anyone come across a similar issue and resolved it?

I really love this app and the picture quality. Hoping I can find a solution.

Thank you.

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Re: Homerun App keeps kicking back to guide for OTA channels

Post by signcarver »

Roku has an extremely terrible player/decoder and anything it doesn't like will kick it back like that... it could be signal, could be network, but it also could be the original source. My recommendation is to STAY CLEAR OF ROKU for TV content. (it is fine for internet content meant for it)

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