Issues with Android TV and Fire Stick

Reception, channel detection, network issues, CableCARD setup, etc.
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Issues with Android TV and Fire Stick

Post by bigbadsoundman »

Just got a Fire TV Stick but if I run HDHR through the Fire Stick I get constant freezing. I disabled the AC3 Pass through and although it doesn't freeze as much it still freezes.

As a test I ran the HDHR app via my Android TV and although I don't get any freezing there is constant audio drop outs.

Running via Apps on iPad, Phone and Win10 play without any issues.

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Re: Issues with Android TV and Fire Stick

Post by NedS »

How is everything connected? Wifi? If wifi, are you using the little HDMI extension cable on the Fire TV stick? Sometimes the metal backplate on most TVs will cause some issues, and broadcast video is very demanding of bandwidth (much more data than normal streaming services), but extending it a little bit away from the TV can make a major difference. Also try to use a 5Ghz wifi connection if possible.

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