Pixelation issue with SyFy (1411) and FXX (1410) on XFinity

Reception, channel detection, network issues, CableCARD setup, etc.
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Pixelation issue with SyFy (1411) and FXX (1410) on XFinity

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Good Evening!

So i recently moved and I'm now having some troubles with my setup . . . I run 3 HDHR3-CC with Motorola CC. We just moved into a new apartment complex - first ones in the apartment. I was originally having an issue with the signal strength . . . it was way low so after troubleshooting this I purchased a 0

https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07YY ... UTF8&psc=1

and that pushed my signal strength to what I thought was acceptable Signal Strength of mid to upper 80's and a Signal Quality of 100 to upper 90's

Tho I have noticed the past day or so the signal strength and quality both dipping into the 60's . . . I did unplug everything and wait 10 seconds then plugged it all back in and it seems be be back to the upper 80''s for strength and 100 for quality

but now I'm finding out that these 2 channels are having an issue - so I did what I spotted (and think I did in the past a few years ago when I was initially setting up my system is to send diagnostic info and do a detect channels

The firmware is up to date and the device ids are 13261A2F, 13261AF0. 13265F6D

Any and all assistance is much appreciated!



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Re: Pixelation issue with SyFy (1411) and FXX (1410) on XFinity

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The signal level shown in the scans look barely on the edge of what the PRIME needs for good signal, which is at least 80% signal strength. Have you done a channel scan since putting in the distribution amp?

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