Cox Phoenix new Tuning Adapter Firmware

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Cox Phoenix new Tuning Adapter Firmware

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Last night my TA's received an update that after 2 years I can finally get every channel I subscribe to show up from the scan... One of my TA's had the prime's lineup go from 385 channels to 679. Apparently the new TA firmware uses the same methods their new STBs do. At this location I have another prime that has 500 channels but I haven't run the scan yet as it is busy at the moment.

Thanks to BrianInPhx at for pointing this out. There is a little worry there that the downgrade in version number may cause some issues but I don't think this new method has the problems that the others have.

Edit: finally had a chance to run a scan on another prime and by some miracle that I haven't seen in years I get the same number of channels from the scan on each prime :)

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Re: Cox Phoenix new Tuning Adapter Firmware

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Re: Cox Phoenix new Tuning Adapter Firmware

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Now someone just needs to convince them to turn off DRM on non-premium channels. I almost respect Cox for pushing forward on new technology in a smart way, between moving some channels to AVC and implementing 1GHz systems, and now dumping legacy OOB for DSG in order to expand upstream bandwidth with a mid split system. No respect for providers that DRM everything though.

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