Multiple DVR OTA

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Multiple DVR OTA

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I'm retired & looking for ways to lower the cost of my monthly FIOS bill.

I have 2 TVs - a 55" smart TV in the living room & a 23" dumb TV in the utility room.

I can't decide between paying FIOS every month for the OTA channels or buy an antenna & an OTA/DVR.

I want to be able to watch different OTA channels on each TV at the same time. So, what I need is a device with multiple OTA tuners & multiple DVRs so that I can watch recorded shows on each TV.

The Scribe has multiple tuners. Of course, with multiple tuners, I can watch a show on one channel on the 55" & at the same time, watch a different show on the 23". But is it possible, with the Scribe, to watch a recorded show on the 55" TV & also watch a different recorded show on the 23" at the same time? Can the Scribe record 2 different shows at the same time on the Scribe DVR? I have a feeling that your answer will be no.

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Re: Multiple DVR OTA

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The scribe can record/playback at least 4 streams simultaneously (I forget if the hard limit is 4 or 6 but I think it is record 6 and playback 4 simultaneously ). If you happen to only get a scribe duo (rather than quatro) you would need additional tuners on your network to meet that limit.

It's been awhile since I checked if fios had clear qam locals (unlike "cable" they can just turn off such streams easily, I think last I heard they were no longer doing hd clear in at least some markets) and the scribe can work with clear qam as well though the dvr is also dependent on guide data that sometimes can be harder with clear qam reporting the channel number/name correctly (which is on the provider)

I do suggest a wired network for your critical components and only use wifi for any that are occasional use.

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