OTA signal strength metrics

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OTA signal strength metrics

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Are there any technical explanations available for the HDHR OTA tuners?
When I look at signal strength like this:

Signal Strength 67%
Signal Quality 60%
Symbol Quality 100%

What do those metrics mean, and how are they calculated? In RF world, signal strength is usually represented with units of dBm, not percent. Also what's "symbol quality" and why's it important?
Finally I'd be interested to know things like the tuner's Noise Figure, minimum Signal/Noise ratio, minimum signal strength for lock, etc., if possible.

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Re: OTA signal strength metrics

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I'm also in the Bay Area.
Still sorting out changes due to the repack

This what I found on this and other forums on silicondust metrics.

http://forum.tvfool.com/showthread.php? ... #post62379

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