Running multiple antenna tuners

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Running multiple antenna tuners

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Does anyone know if there is an issue with running multiple antenna tuners on the same network. Can I use 2, HD HomeRun Connect Quatro on the same ethernet network?

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Re: Running multiple antenna tuners

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Should be no issue. A lot of people run multiple, and the SD config site/apps are designed to support multiple tuners.

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Re: Running multiple antenna tuners

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Since you mentioned multiple antennas one thing to be aware of is that the modern method of tuning (which sd uses in their software) is dependent on the scan. Though very rare, in some areas if you have the antennas aimed in different directions you may have conflicting channels of the same virtual channel number and the guide/dvr treats the numbers the same so if there are 2 different channel "5.1's" you wouldn't always pull from the tuner that the guide information is for so i would suggest disabling any of the conflicting channels on the box that picked up the less desired channel. You may also wish to disable channels that are of weaker quality so the best tuner will be used.

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