Device unstable

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Device unstable

Post by ashtonm »

Hello, I puchased the HDHR Connect DDHR5-4DT (12529AA9) last week and I am having difficulty setting it up. Initially I could get channels scanned but the video was unwatchable. Sometimes channel 7 would work but then the device would stop working and I will get a unable to play video error. The TV's repection has not been affected and is able to get all channels with no issues.

I have used another tv tuner internal card at the same residedence which worked. It was able to get a full signal on all channels except one, i forget which one though.

Is the device malfunctioning or is it my reception?

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Re: Device unstable

Post by gtb »

The usual answer from SD is to turn on the tuner diagnostics (via the hdhomerun configuration app, or the device webpage/system status -> enable diagnostics, or the hdhomerun_config cli), and then run a channel scan, and then report back as to when you performed the scan, and SD (typically during normal business hours for their company) will review the logs to provide feedback. It rarely hurts to have already done those things in advance, and may reduce the total back and forth delays.

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Re: Device unstable

Post by NedS »

What kind of antenna are you connected to, and are you using a signal amplifier? Is the HDHomeRun close to anything with an electric motor or large transformer?

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