Wonderful Product - just learned something new

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Wonderful Product - just learned something new

Post by SteveMcD » Sat Mar 21, 2020 2:51 pm

Hello -
I have had my HDHomerun Quatro for a while now. I have really like it. However, just today I learned something new - I am late to the party here!
I just learned that the latest firmware supports selecting your favorite channels and hiding your channels you do not like. Maybe this was in a prior version of firmware (I had a Aug 2019 version) but I was not aware of this wonderful feature.

Even when I perform a re-scan now it saves those settings. This makes it so easy and it is great since it is at the source of the signal (the tuner) so any other devices I might use (i.e. Plex) already pick up the correct channels.

I just have to say this is a very nice feature and puts the HDHomeRun in the next superior category.

Thanks for continued development of this product.

Sorry if this is the incorrect place for this post but I could not find any other.


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