HDHR3-US Firmware

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HDHR3-US Firmware

Post by mjb9 » Sun Jan 12, 2020 9:31 am

I have a rather basic question. My HDHR3-US is running the 20170930 firmware, with my PC running the 20190621 software. When I look to see about updating the firmware, and open the HDHomeRun Config GUI program's firmware updater, there's literally 10 *.bin files to select from with 20190621 dates of a variety of sizes and no instructions as to what one(s) to use, with the changelogs not helpful either.


Even if I assume I should only use the ones labeled "hdhomerun3", there's more than one with 20190621 dates. So which ones should I use to insure my HDHR3-US is up-to-date? I don't want to risk bricking my unit by simply trying a bunch.

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Re: HDHR3-US Firmware

Post by signcarver » Sun Jan 12, 2020 10:35 am

You are on the latest for legacy equipment and running "setup" should update (all) the devices properly if they need updating.

US is atsc... (cablecard is prime and dvbc is expand (devices with offical "names" like that aren't considered legacy as they fully support the modern method of tuning), others are legacy like yours but not for US but for countries using the dvb standard rather than atsc) for quite some time it has been expected that legacy devices would not get anymore firmware updates.

However there was a recent issue of apparent errors (which for most apps would go unnoticed by user) when connecting to a specific subchannel (device doing filtering rather than transmitting full mux of channel) so there might be an update available shortly.

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