Green light flashing

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Green light flashing

Post by Metalman » Mon Dec 16, 2019 8:09 pm

I am having problems with my HDHomeRun Prime. The Device ID: 131937B6.
The problem I am having is the second green light on the left is flashing. I thought the cable card was bad so I changed it for a new one. After calling Spectrum to have it paired the green light continues to flash.
Spectrum says it is paired on their side but my Card Validation and Card OOB Lock shows none.
Spectrum is saying that I need to contact SiliconDust to get the problem fixed.
I would like to know where I need to go form here.
I have activated send diagnostics in Homerun setup.

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Re: Green light flashing

Post by signcarver » Mon Dec 16, 2019 9:01 pm

First it can't really do anything (reliably) without oob lock (the "new" pairing can never be made, the channel list won't come in, etc.) so i would start with the signal there.

It would probably have been better to look at the old card and try to fix that and know if it was the the same issue. I would probably use hdhomerun_config_gui and go through the rf channels and see what the signal is like. Turning on sending of diagnostics data and running a scan and stating your deviceID will allow the folks at sd to look at things but you may need to make sure to do it with digital cable rather than cablecard (easiest would probably be to try without the card... the idea is to look at signals, not actually tune something)

If you have a TA also check its pages as well make sure not to daisy chain and split before as occasionally i have seen Cisco(sa/technicolor) TAs have issue passing the lower frequencies of oob (or really high frequencies of channels) and with motorola (arris) TAs the rf out of them is almost as bad as a putting a 4way splitter before device.

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