signal breakup on NBC 17 Raleigh

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Re: signal breakup on NBC 17 Raleigh

Post by jfabernathy » Thu Dec 19, 2019 4:28 am

Model: HDHR5-4US
Device ID: 1074C841
Firmware: 20190621

So I recorded a number of shows and had some problems with a lot of them. Mythtv lists the name of the program in yellow if it had significant signal breakup while recording. I only had 2 with no issues and they were:

Mixed-ish 10:30pm to 11 11_1 WTVD-D1
Ellen's Greatest... 10:00pm to 11 5_1 WRAL HD

The shows with problems are:
Mixed-ish 10:01pm to 10:30 11_1 WTVD-D1 right from the start of program
Survivor-reunion 10:00pm to 11 17_1 WNCN-HD right from the start
Survivor-Mama 8:00pm to 10 17_1 WNCN-HD 1 hour 19 into the show.
Ellen's Great.. 9pm to 10pm 5_1 WRAL HD 20 minutes into the show

I recorded something on every network last night and most of them fails except what was listed above at the start. I only listed some of the failures.

Note on another Mythtv PC I recorded the same shows but that Tuner is a PCI card so no network traffic, but the same antenna was used, an attic mounted with a 8 way signal splitter. All TVs and tuners have a port on that splitter. I had no issues with programs recorded on that PC last night.

Tonight I plan on moving the HDHR and it's PC to a separate network segment. One Gbe switch with only HDHR and Mythtv PC. That switch will be plugged into main switch. This will eliminate all network traffic except the HDHR to the PC because I will not be viewing anything from that PC or any open tuner on the HDHR.

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Re: signal breakup on NBC 17 Raleigh

Post by jfabernathy » Fri Dec 20, 2019 4:36 am

@jasonl, Not sure what the logs say, but I wonder if they can tell you if HDHR has issues communicating with the computer streaming the TV signal instead of just having signal problems from the antenna?

The reason I asked was I reconfigured my network. I put a new Gbe switch in the system with only the HDHR Quatro, a Raspberry Pi 4 running MythTV, and an upstream connection to the main router/switch for the house. So all network traffic between the HDHR and the RPi4 should be the only traffic on that section of the network until someone on the other parts of the network watch a show from either the HDHR or a recorded show from the RPi4.

I made sure no one was watching anything from that HDHR or RPi4 while I was doing test recordings. I recorded everything being broadcast on Channels 5_1, 11_1, 17_1, and 50_1 in Raleigh, NC from 8pm to 11pm. I saw no issues this morning spot checking the recordings and Mythtv said it didn't have a signal breakup of any significance because none of the programs was listed as damaged and needed to be re-recorded.

Above the small network section I was still streaming hockey all night from Youtube.TV and my wife was watching recordings from another mythtv backend but all that traffic would not interfere with the HDHR/RPi4 small network section.

Not sure this was completely a network traffic issue but I'll continue to setup tests in the new configuration and see what happens.

Jim A

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Re: signal breakup on NBC 17 Raleigh

Post by jfabernathy » Sat Dec 21, 2019 6:24 pm

Okay, I think I've solved my issue. It seems I have a D-Link 8 port Switch that was randomly acting up. I did a number of test to isolate the problem and at last resort just replaced the switch with a Netgear 8 port switch. I now can record with my Raspberry Pi 4 four programs at once from the HDHR Quatro. I've done this all day and with lots of live football and basketball. No issues at all.

I'm not sure if the switch itself was the issue or it's power supply wall wart. I don't care at this point because a switch with a new PS is cheaper than finding a new PS.

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