Tuner overload?

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Tuner overload?

Post by Inssomniak » Sun Nov 24, 2019 6:25 pm

Im trying to set up a Quatro and having a hard time on the best config. I have 2 8 bay bowtie antennas and using a combiner to obtain 2 different cities about 80 degrees apart from my location and some 40-50 miles, except one that is about 20 miles away and strong and I have LOS to the transmitter. I set it all up with a cheap Samsung 21 inch TV and got 47 channels perfectly (subs included), but I get zero when plugged into the HDHR. I had to use splitters to take out about 18db of power before the HDHR would start detecting channels, but I had lost about 7 weak ones in the process. I can't find a happy medium of signals to get all the channels into the HDHR. Seems the local 20 mile station overloads the tuner even with just a bare antenna no amps at all. Too much antenna but I need the bigger antenna to get the farther channels. Open to suggestions.

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Re: Tuner overload?

Post by jasonl » Mon Nov 25, 2019 12:57 pm

How do things look without the combiner if you just run each antenna individually to the HDHomeRun?

Do you have an LTE filter in place? Overload results from the combination of all signals being received, and it's likely that if you have an LTE tower nearby in the direction of one or both of the antennas that it could be causing the overload. Once filtered out, you may see much better TV performance.

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