Lots of issues with my HDHomerun PRIME setup

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Lots of issues with my HDHomerun PRIME setup

Post by Winterlight » Sat Aug 03, 2019 12:09 pm

Recent App and firmware updates has fuibard my hdhome run prime setup. Trying to watch TV app constantly freezes up and sometimes starts up again on it own ...or not. When recording I get long periods of dead air in the video stream all but making my recordings useless. When I try to bring up the channel menu I have to keep clicking all over the screen until it finally appears and it may just turn itself off at any moment. My recording machine is a quad core NUC with 8GB ram and a ADATA 1TB SSD. ADATA software tells me the drive is in perfect condition so it is not my hardware.

At first I thought this was the windows 10 and Android app but I am experiencing the same problem on my Windows 8 with Media Center computer that doesn't use the App. This tells me it is not entirely the app.. it must have something to do with the HDHomerun PRIME box. I have tried powering down and restarting the prime box but no luck. Maybe the BIOS got corrupted with the recent firmware update?. I turned on diagnostics and contacted support two days ago but have heard nothing.

Is anybody else having these kind of issues? Is my HDhomerun box gone bad?

BTW has anybody figured out what new features were added that caused all this chaos because I am unaware of any new UI features other then my inability to use my HDhomerun Prime.

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Re: Lots of issues with my HDHomerun PRIME setup

Post by NedS » Sat Aug 03, 2019 10:26 pm

We would like to get some diagnostic data:

1. Go to the http://my.hdhomerun.com/ site
2. Click your HDHomeRun's device ID
3. Click System Status
4. Check the Send diagnostic information box
5. Go back one page
6. Click Channel Lineup
7. Click Detect Channels

Reply back to this thread and tell us the device ID of your HDHomeRun and we will check the logs. You can find the device ID at the top of the my.hdhomerun.com web page as well as on a label on the bottom of the HDHomeRun itself.

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