Xfinity Activation from Ebay

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Xfinity Activation from Ebay

Post by sheeshmagoof » Fri May 31, 2019 9:46 pm

Hello, I bought a HD Homerun Prime on Ebay. I was trying to set it up and called Comcast. They said that the previous owner had it activated under their account and there's no way to change it without them doing it. The seller wasn't any help so I'm pretty stuck here. Is it possible to bypass this so its usable? Thanks.

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Re: Xfinity Activation from Ebay

Post by gtb » Fri May 31, 2019 11:28 pm

That is a new one on me. In some ways, good for Comcast (preventing you from potentially interrupting someone else's service). If you have not tried it, I would try online CableCARD activation, just to see if the online systems are as conscientious and careful as the CSRs you talked to regarding host-ids.

In any case, that would suggest that the seller did not return the CableCARD in the unit to Comcast, and/or has not (yet?) reactivated it in some other device (when the CableCARD is returned, or activated in a new device, I would have thought that the associated device host-id would get deleted from inventory, although I do know some of those types of changes can take a few days to percolate through the system). And that also would suggest that the seller is paying a lease fee for a CableCARD they are not using. One would think the seller would want to take care of that. Comcast is pretty good about accepting returns, in many offices you can just put your STB/CableModem/CableCARD/whatever into a bin in the office without waiting at all (it may take until the end of the day for them to empty the bin and run the returns through the system), and while I personally recommend never leaving without a receipt (which can extend the time by quite a bit), this quick return process is about as painless as Comcast can make it (in, out, and gone in 30 seconds).

With Cable Modems, when this happens, it has been reported to sometimes be sufficient to take the device to the Comcast office to show you have physical possession of the device by the mac address on the modem, and stating the previous owner sold it to you. Since CM's are two way devices, that they no longer are communicating is a good indicator they were turned off or sold. Unfortunately, AFAIK, there is no barcode on the HDHR3-CC which the office staff can verify for the host-id (showing you have physical possession), and they are one-way devices, so Comcast has no way to know when they have been turned off/removed. Unless SD has some magic suggestion, I guess I would try taking screen shots of all the various CableCARD auth pages and bringing the CableCARD, HDHD3-CC, and the screen shots showing that the CableCARD was in that particular device with the host-id, and seeing if you can convince the CSR to remove the the previous association based on image (I am not sure I would accept that, since screen shots could be faked, but who knows what the Comcast process is in those cases; they have to have a process to deal with this at some level, because, well, stuff like this happens).

Good luck.

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Re: Xfinity Activation from Ebay

Post by foxbat121 » Mon Jun 03, 2019 7:58 am

Did you get a new CableCard from your cable co? CableCard is the one need activated, not the prime tuner itself. And CableCard is not transferable. The previous owner must return the card to his own cable provider. You must get your own CableCard.

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Re: Xfinity Activation from Ebay

Post by jasonl » Mon Jun 03, 2019 12:54 pm

Comcast seems to enforce uniqueness on host IDs in their system. If you get a device from someone else and they haven't had the card removed from their account or switched to a different host ID in Comcast's system, then Comcast won't validate the card for the new device owner. I would suggest contacting the seller and asking them if they still have the old card and if so if they can call Comcast to switch it to their new host, or return the card. If they want positive feedback on the sale it's something they should be doing.

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Re: Xfinity Activation from Ebay

Post by jseymour » Mon Jun 03, 2019 2:54 pm

eBay has excellent buyer protection. Inform the seller you require them to resolve this issue immediately or issue you a shipping label and, upon receipt of the item, a full refund--incl. any shipping charges. If they balk: File a complaint with eBay that the item is Significantly Not As Described. To wit: You were sold what was billed as a working device and it does not work.

If the buyer asserts that their advert clearly says "returns not accepted," inform them that does not apply if the item they sold was Significantly Not As Described.

If the seller refuses to make you whole, and your complaint is valid, eBay will. Then they'll attempt to collect from the seller to make themselves whole. Even if they succeed the seller will have a serious black mark on their eBay record. If they fail, they'll boot the seller off their system.

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