SD Extend - Pixellisation on hot signals since FW 20180817?

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SD Extend - Pixellisation on hot signals since FW 20180817?

Post by Stevo » Thu Apr 25, 2019 6:38 pm


I've noticed on my SD Extend unit (Device ID: 10583396) since firmware 20180817, very strong signals now show pixelation. I remember very well the transition since my first FW upgrade added some US channels over the web (HDHomeRun Premium TV support).

Suddenly, SRC and CBC in the Montreal area (2.1 and 6.1) were dropping frames and pixelation was apparent. SD support kindly suggested I install a ChannelMaster LTE filter to avoid some issues, which I did. This advice did not solve the issue right away. After many trials and errors, I've noticed that adding a 1-to-4 ChannelMaster splitter did fix my issue. So 1 LTE Filter (-4 dB) + 1 splitter (-8 dB) fixed my hot channels issue, they look fine.

Why do I need to damper my signals by -12 dB since FW 20180817 to have a clear image for CBC and SRC? On the other end, now I'm losing weaker signals from Vermont because of this damping. I'm about 12 miles away from the transmitter and my array antenna is not directly pointed on it, maybe 30 degrees offset. So, this signal is strong, but not deadly, of course.

I did upgrade recently to 20190417 but the issue is still there. If I remove all the damping, strong stations drop frames or pixelation reappears.

Besides me, anybody else experienced this?


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Re: SD Extend - Pixellisation on hot signals since FW 20180817?

Post by rrussis82 » Fri Apr 26, 2019 5:21 am

I wonder if you were to add an indoor antenna with filter for the "strong signals" and use your existing antenna without any filters to pick up the weak signals and merge them using a splitter in the opposite direction into your tuners. I'm thinking theoretically the strong signals would be too strong to pick up on the existing antenna keeping your weaker channels, and the indoor with the filter would pick up your strongest signals not picked up by your existing antenna.

Another option could be to remove your filters, and disable the strong pixelated signals on the tuners webpage, pick up another hdhomerun device with an indoor antenna with filters and disable the weak channels on that one.

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