Playback issues HDHomerun Prime

Reception, channel detection, network issues, CableCARD setup, etc.
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Playback issues HDHomerun Prime

Post by keplenk » Mon Apr 08, 2019 8:58 am

I have HDHomerun Prime (Verizon FIOS) and have a bunch of DRM channels. All my DRM channels are playable since I followed the hardware rules to play them.

However, I have noticed peformance differences depending on the hardware being used.

Here are some examples:

Hardware: Core i5 4570 + 16gb + SSD (Desktop) - Windows 10 (Official HDHomerun App Store)
DRM channels playback Performance:
- Playback has very minimal jittery/not smooth but noticable
Non-DRM channels playback Performance:
- Playback is smooth - no issues

Hardware: Xiamo Mi Box S Android TV and Jetstream Android TV - Both LiveChannels and Android HDHomerunapp
DRM channels playback Performance:
- Playback is smooth - no issues
Non-DRM channels playback Performance:
- Fast pace games like Hockey has jittery/not smooth performance

Hardware: T460s - i5 6300U - Windows 10 (Official HDHomerun App Store)
DRM channels playback Performance:
- Better performance than i5 4570 - but there is still jitters
Non-DRM channels playback Performance:
- Playback is smooth - no issues

Hardware: MiMix Z83-4 intel atom X5-Z8350 - Windows 10 (Official HDHomerun App Store)
DRM channels playback Performance:
- Playback has very minimal jittery/not smooth but notificable
Non-DRM channels playback Performance:
- Playback is smooth - no issues

On the TV side, I made sure that certain features are disabled (like that smooth playback -- soap opera effect) or any other settings that artificially changes playback.

On the Windows 10 client side, I guess I can't do much except install that MPEG-2 encoder extension

On the Android TV side, I tried forcing the resolution to 1080p @ 60hz -- tried it with 50hz .. tried a bunch of configuration

Now, I have a new TV and this requires to get smooth playback on both DRM/Non-DRM channels

1) In Windows 10 and Android TV, is there a way to run a console to see if there are frame drops or any advanced setting for me to give better output reports?

2) In Windows 10, is H/W acceleration supported? Like QuickSync? If yes, how can I confirm in the software if its enabled and working (#1 would probably give me this)

3) If hardware acceleration is supported -- what is the best generation for intel graphics card to use? I'm planning to buy an Intel Celeron G4900 with Intel UHD 810 (but its not coffee lake) -- should I buy i3-8100 instead since it has a proper upgraded coffee lake graphics card?

4) Using my existing hardware, is there a way to make playback smooth on both DRM/non-DRM channels? Like tips and tricks for better playback?

5) If I can't use my existing hardware to improve performance, are there any dedicated boxes that I can buy that is officially supported by HDHomerun that is optimized for playback.

EDIT: I use Ethernet on all my configuration, even the Android TVs


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Re: Playback issues HDHomerun Prime

Post by earcraft » Sat Apr 27, 2019 11:21 am

I have noticed that there are several threads (or starts of threads) mentioning "Glitchy" or "Stuttering" playback issues that go unanswered. After years of smooth playback and live TV, my system has also become almost unwatchable. The lack of response to these threads is curious to me. Is there setting or something so obvious that we are missing the doesn't dignify a response from the support team? Or is there something big going on that the managers of this forum would like to keep under wraps.

I'm not a conspiracy nut, but I have been looking for weeks for something to try to get HD Homerun to work as good as it id a few months ago and can't find anything useful.

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Re: Playback issues HDHomerun Prime

Post by signcarver » Sat Apr 27, 2019 1:38 pm

You will see many such posts as this is a support forum where people come to report problems not report that things work. Typically when an issue is fixed it is not reported as such.

Glitchy or stuttering can mean/be different things to different people. Most common issue is interlaced content as today's devices are not made for such as they expect h.264 content that isn't interlaced.

On top of that, results can vary by cable and port used on tv/monitor, as well as resolution and frame rate. Not to mention source.

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Re: Playback issues HDHomerun Prime

Post by NedS » Sat Apr 27, 2019 7:07 pm

It's also somewhat common for someone to open a support ticket, in addition to posting on the forum. If it gets resolved in the support ticket e-mail, I normally don't bother posting to the forum as well, since old forum posts get purged eventually.

Stuttering/jittery is a symptom that can be caused by many different things. You can have 20 different people who say they see something like that, and have 20 different situations. It's easy to get the impression that it's just one big problem that was never solved, but really it's just that many different factors can result in a similar symptom.

Before I worked for SiliconDust, I had my own HDHomeRun Prime issue. For months, almost a year, I couldn't get it to work right. It kept stuttering, otherwise acting like it was buffering, and often the video stream would just cut out completely. I did everything, bought a new router, bought a new HDHomeRun Prime, re-ran ethernet cables, updated software/firmware, and still nothing fixed it. I was about to throw in the towel when I saw a forum post about bad/cheap ethernet switches. I had replaced the router, but never the switches. I bought a different brand of switch, replaced them, and it's been virtually flawless ever since. I figured unmanaged switches either worked or they didn't, but boy was I wrong.

Just recently our developer fixed a very noticeable iOS jutter/stutter, so there certainly are things that we get made aware of and continue to improve, even if we forget to update previous threads. Pretty much everyone from SD who is very active on the forum takes notes and brings them up to the developers/engineers. I'll try to make a better effort myself to update threads for issues when they get updates/fixes/etc.

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