Extend HDTC-2US-M scanning and buffer issues

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Extend HDTC-2US-M scanning and buffer issues

Postby leopheard » Sat Jan 26, 2019 12:49 pm

Hi all,

(Support ticket created if they are reading this, just wanted to see what anyone else thought)

I installed the above last night, updated the firmware and after a few scans it started to find a few antenna OTA channels.

Not fully sure why a scan sometimes finds 0 channels over and and over, then decides of find some.

But the main issue is the timeouts/black picture using the Android app or Kodi Raspiberry Pi 3+B app. I can see the list of channels down the side, the guide comes up, but the channel behind it is black. I can get great streaming through the demo channels (well sometimes), working right now but I'm assuming that's because it's using the internet rather than anything OTA.

If it does find a channel and it does load, it will often buffer and take a few minutes to load a few seconds. If I pause the stream for a bit, it will play okay for a while but then the video will start to jitter a bit every 5 seconds or so. My thoughts are this is a processing power / signal decoding issue, but have no real idea how to fix it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Device ID: 1058F3EC
System log here at https://pastebin.com/9YFz6QL3

Example tuner right now:

Tuner 0 Status
Virtual Channel 40.1 WUVC-DT
Frequency 617.000 MHz
Program Number 1
Modulation Lock 8vsb
Signal Strength 32%
Signal Quality 53%
Symbol Quality 100%
Transcode Profile mobile
Streaming Rate 0.284 Mbps
Resource Lock (Kodi local IP)

Things I've tried:

Updated firmware
- Adding the HDHR MAC address to the QOS slightly elevated priority in the DD-WRT router
- Adjusting the default transcoding from none to the various types and rebooting
- Checking if it's overheated - it's fine and the metal box type anyway
- ordered the MPEG and VC-1 codecs from RPi.org (not received them yet to try this)

EDIT: Just managed to get Justice TV working through the Kodi interface directly. Looked at the video info and it said H.264 stream, which I know the RPi can play straight out of the box. Stopped the feed and went back into it, now it won't play as it seems to think no tuners are available. I checked the tuner page and there's no IP resource lock on it, I'm wondering if I've got a faulty box at this point.

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