SiliconDust RMA Support for Defective Quatro

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SiliconDust RMA Support for Defective Quatro

Postby freway01 » Tue Jan 22, 2019 11:33 am

Opened a ticket with SiliconDust on Saturday (1/19) for a problem I'm having with a HDHomerun Quatro I purchased from them last week.

The Quatro was going to be used with my production Plex server. After going through the setup process with the Quatro (updated firmware, did a channel scan, and selected the OTA channels I want to record from), I added the Quatro to my Plex system so I can record up to to four shows at a time from OTA. Once I completed the setup and configuration of the Quatro, I checked the status of the Quatro via the 'MyHDHomerune' site and it, along with my two Extend's that are connected to my test Plex system, were all showing up.

I ran a test using my production Plex server and the new Quatro by scheduling the recording of four shows at the same time. A few minutes after the test Plex recordings started recording, I got Plex messages stating that each of the recordings failed. When I checked the status of the Quatro online, the two Extends were listed but not the Quatro. I looked at the Quatro and the network interface had a solid red light. I unplugged the power from the Quatro for about a minute, then plugged it in again. Once the Quatro powered up, the network lights returned to their normal green light. I checked the online status again and the two Extends and Quatro were all showing up again.

Ran the same test again three more times and the Quatro failed each time with a hung network interface (solid red light). Opened a ticket and detailed my problem and my test. Finally on Sunday, someone from SiliconDust responded via email regarding my problem and stated that someone would be contacting me about an RMA. Didn't hear from anyone at SiliconDust yesterday. They haven't responded to the emails I sent to support or returned my call I made to their support number. Left message with ticket number and cell number, and asked for a callback ASAP.

My questions are:
Has anyone out there had a problem with the HDHomeRun Quatro when trying to record four shows at the same time through Plex?
How responsive is SiliconDust to support/RMA requests?
How long does it usually take them to correct a problem?

Personally, I'm getting a feeling that they don't have a very big staff and their responsiveness to support needs isn't that great. Is that a good assumption? I know that the next time I buy a SiliconDust project, it will be from someone other them SiliconDust (Newegg, AMazon, etc.)

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Re: SiliconDust RMA Support for Defective Quatro

Postby nickk » Tue Jan 22, 2019 12:46 pm


I was able to locate your ticket...

1) You filed the support request on Saturday.

2) Silicondust support replied the same day requesting order information which you provided. The RMA was approved internally (Saturday, the day you filed the support request). The actual RMA processing is a different team and happens during business hours (ie Monday).

3) On Sunday you sent a follow up email asking about the RMA process. Silicondust support responded the same day.

4) It looks like a mistake was made at this point - because our support staff responded to the additional emails the system automatically moved the ticket from RMA to back to the support team on Sunday. This meant the RMA team didn't get the ticket on Monday.

5) Today (Tuesday) you send an email which alerted support to the problem - the ticket was assigned to the RMA team for processing.

You will receive RMA information later today.


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