Controlling DLNA access and preventing conflicts

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Controlling DLNA access and preventing conflicts

Postby am4c130d » Sun Jan 06, 2019 7:47 am

Hi, Is it possible to control what my HDHR-3 Prime advertises as available via DLNA?

On all DLNA control points I see an HDHR icon and a "top level" device that has sub folders of Channels and Favorites - which lists the channels and the channels I've marked as favorites respectively - all good. However, on most DLNA control points I also see three tuners, corresponding to the three tuners, which seems less good. First, please can someone confirm my assumption, that if, using the HDHR app or access via DLNA via the top level device, the HDHR Prime allocates all new requests for streaming to a tuner that is not actively streaming thus avoiding conflicts? There is no pre-emption?

If that is the case, what would happens if tuner0 (for example) is actively streaming and, via DLNA, someone tries to access tuner0? To prevent that, is it possible to prevent direct access to a specific tuner via DLNA?

The back story - I previously used Silicondust's DVR service, but for a number of reasons moved to Plex as my player, and went with their LiveTV/DVR service. That, as it turns out, is a very unsatisfactory experience for me - the program guide, mandatory transcoding of LiveTV etc. all make the user experience and the cost model unacceptable, so I am contemplating switching back to Silicondust's DVR service. I have a Samsung TV, and can access my HDHR Prime via DLNA for Live TV - its far from great, but it works - my concern is the TV also shows the direct access tuners before the HDHR top level device in the DLNA page, and experience suggests my family will grab the first tuner - thus possibly breaking an in process recording or something similar.

I'm pretty sure someone will have worked this out before, so I appreciate any insights.

Thanks Alan

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Re: Controlling DLNA access and preventing conflicts

Postby signcarver » Sun Jan 06, 2019 9:42 am

Should not be an issue as tuners will be locked when in use (unless using some other server connecting by legacy methods as a 3rd party dms but most will use modern methods with the modern tuners which automatically lock, this also applies to other dvr's using legacy methods that might not lock, though many do even if accessed by legacy methods and all should that use a prime with cablecard but might not with clear qam) and clients and dvr use "auto" (as well as when one connects to the tuner's dms) so there are no conflicts other than being in use (they just go to the next tuner unless there are no tuners available to satisfy the request). Where DLNA can become an issue compared to app is with multiple device, and that you chose the device and if all tuners are in use, there is no fallback to other devices where the app and dvr move to the next device as well.

From the tv itself you should not have to worry about one trying to use a specific tuner.

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