Reception Issues - Too Strong of Signal

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Reception Issues - Too Strong of Signal

Postby myoung84 » Wed Jan 02, 2019 1:33 pm

I've seen some other posts here regarding the same, but I'm having issues tuning my strongest station. Here’s my signal results. ... ca7d6ce558

I’ve tried several antennas with the current one being a ClearStream 2MAX mounted in the attic. I also tried this antenna mounted on the back of the house on my old dish mount with the same results so I put it back in the attic, which ends up being a little higher, about 25’. Previous antennas have included old Yagi style in the attic, an Antop UFO mounted in attic and outside, and cheap indoor panel types.

I’m feeding this antenna to two HDHomeRun Extends to record into Plex. I’ve tried removing all splitters and have a single run straight from the antenna to a single HDHR with no splitters and nothing changes. Current configuration is about 100' of coax and three splitters. I'm only having issues on HDHR equipment, TV's work just fine.

Here’s the channels I am interested in and the issues (if any) with each.

2.1 – Always perfect
6.1 – Always perfect
8.1 – Always perfect
11.1 – Perfect with latest
11.4 – Perfect with latest
19.1 – Toughest channel to get, works perfect with latest
23.1 – Strongest station, terrible reception. Very choppy, pixelates very often. Signal/Symbol in HDHR status screen goes crazy.

Nothing I’ve done has been able to fix 23.1. I don’t want to change too much since I’m finally receiving 19.1 clearly. I’ve tried facing the antenna straight south and southeast, same results. When facing SE, 19.1 signal drops slightly, but is still good.

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Re: Reception Issues - Too Strong of Signal

Postby vttom » Wed Jan 02, 2019 2:07 pm

Seems to me you could use something like this to attenuate the amount of signal you're getting from ch23.1 (which is really RF ch22). ... B072K6BNP1

Unfortunately, it shows as unavailable. Did some Googling and couldn't really find anything else like it.

Happy hunting!

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Re: Reception Issues - Too Strong of Signal

Postby vttom » Wed Jan 02, 2019 2:10 pm

Come to think of it, I wonder if you could simply call the station and explain the situation? Maybe they'd be willing to source you the appropriate filter? Might have to ask to speak to engineering.

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