Original HDHR-US Dual vs. newer connect duo

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Original HDHR-US Dual vs. newer connect duo

Postby garylai2020 » Tue Dec 18, 2018 11:00 pm

hi there,
I have a couple of the original HDHR units, the white box with 2 tuner ports in the back. I just want to receive OTA channels (not cable). I don't plan to record it, I don't plan to use some third party software, like PLEX, etc. I just want to watch some tv on my pc.

I have a good big antenna in the attic. The new TV (LG) gets alot of OTA thru its internal tuner but my original silicon dust HDHR hardly gets any. I have tried many times scanning. I even tried connecting directly from the coax so the signal is not split or weakened.

Is the new connect duo going to get me more channels than my original HDHR?
Is the hardware significantly different between my original HDHR vs. the newer connect duo?
I just dont want to buy a new connect duo and find out I just the same tuner as the original unit and not get any more channels than

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Re: Original HDHR-US Dual vs. newer connect duo

Postby signcarver » Wed Dec 19, 2018 7:56 am

Whether it works better depends on your exact circumstances. In general (assuming signal is fine) the improvements in each generation tend to benefit more people but not necessarily most areas.

I also like to say a tv, tolerates twice the input range than most of the newer products but generally found going back prior to the 3rd gen they offered similar input tolerances and each newer generation seems to go down in performance when the signal is too hot (making these figures up but using to demonstrate my point= a 3rd gen might allow for 140% strength without issue, a 4th gen 130%, and a 5th gen 120% but you won't know how much above 100% it is. As i said, these figures are made up but as reported by the community, each generation seems to like the strength a little less hot)

As for your issue, both inputs need to be fed which reduces signal. Both need to be properly configured for ota vs cable. I would double check the power supply as that beginning to go out tends to cause your issue.

To me the main reason to move to the new tuners is that the tuner itself maintains the channel list and are more universally compatible with more devices by supporting http streaming. SD's software requires the tuner to provide the lineup but they did a hack for the legacy tuners that allow a scan to be run from a windows pc and notify sd of the lineup and the tuner provides the url to the list at sd. I am not certain how well this works for those older dual input boxes that usually need 2 lineups.

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