Issues watching TV

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Issues watching TV

Postby richaa78 » Mon Dec 10, 2018 6:34 am


I have recently setup my HDHomeRun and think it's fantastic but I come across a problem when my boys start to play online gaming. I am unable to use my HDHomeRun because the pixelation is that bad and I have to plug my tv aerial back into my TV so bypassing the HDHomeRun.

My PC's and HDHomeRun connect to my router using POE(CAT5) adapters. I can't see this being an issue with my broadband cause I'm not using the broadband to stream TV content... is the bottleneck my router/internal network?

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Re: Issues watching TV

Postby jseymour » Mon Dec 10, 2018 7:15 am

My PC's and HDHomeRun connect to my router using POE(CAT5) adapters.
I think you mean powerline adaptors? Powerline adaptors are not "POE adaptors." POE, Power Over Ethernet, is something else entirely. Powerline adaptors are more EOP: Ethernet Over Power. Except, going over the powerline, like that, it's not really Ethernet. Ethernet is a specific thing, too. Nor are they "Cat5 adaptors." "Cat5" is also a specific thing, which those adaptors are not.
... is the bottleneck my router/internal network?
Looks like it to me.

Could be your router. Combo router/switch/WiFi devices are often good at none of those things, which becomes blazingly clear the first time someone tries to push them.

My oft-repeated Network Design Mantra: Routers to route, switches to switch, access points to supply WiFi, never the terne shall merge, and don't use common, consumer-grade networking gear.

Problem is as likely your powerline network. Could be both.

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