HDHomeRun HDHR4-2US Issues

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HDHomeRun HDHR4-2US Issues

Postby jcahow » Sun Sep 30, 2018 3:21 pm

I recently upgraded my computer to Windows 10 and have some questions about issues I have been encountering with my HDHomeRun. I am running a HDHR4-2US device with the latest firmware installed. My device ID is 19483A29 and I have logging enabled.

I can use the Windows 10 HDHomeRun app to view live TV fine for the most part but it seems like I am now missing some channels (NBC - 11) that I used to have. I was getting the "Unable to play channel no video data" message when I selected them but then I did a channel rescan and see those channels are no longer found. I have no problems with any of the other major channels being found so I do not understand why NBC is no longer found.

Live TV on my computer is fine but when I try to watch the DLNA HDHomeRun channels on my networked TV the video breaks up quite a bit. It plays fine for a few seconds now and then but is unwatchable for the most part. I am unclear if it is my network that is the problem or whether their is something else I can configure to try to improve the video. I am running Netgear Smart 1GB switches that I can control network priority on. It seems weird that I can watch on a computer over the network without the video breakups but have problems on an attached DLNA TV.

I have my HDHomeRun set to a static IP address ( but I cannot remember how I did it as that web address brings me to the HDHomeRun but I see no option to change the IP address. Can you please tell me what the process is to change the IP address in case I want to change it in the future?

Please let me know if there is any specific system information I can supply.

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Re: HDHomeRun HDHR4-2US Issues

Postby jasonl » Tue Oct 02, 2018 2:48 pm

Please double check the device ID for the HDHomeRun, that one does not appear to be valid.

The HDHomeRun always gets its IP address via DHCP, so you would need to set/change a DHCP reservation in your router to change its IP address.

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Re: HDHomeRun HDHR4-2US Issues

Postby srainess » Thu Nov 08, 2018 5:21 pm

On the older HDHomeRuns (older firmware) you could set the IP Address manually. I had this specifically set up because I hardcode all desktops and devices (roku...) so i know exactly what they will be. This way there is no reliance on the router at all. I only use DHCP for wireless access. It has now become a problem for me as well because i received a new router and the Homerun went out and received a new IP address. All sources that pointed to the old ip address failed. I have lost 3 weeks worth of recordings because of this. Is there a way to get this option back ? I do not want to have to rely on DHCP or a router for this device.

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Re: HDHomeRun HDHR4-2US Issues

Postby theshowman » Fri Dec 14, 2018 7:02 am

did you ever get a resolution to this?
I have a similar problem as well - just got a brand new "Connect" (HDHR4-2US) and watching it on HDHR App is fine (Mobile or PC), but when trying to watch it on my LG TV (2017 model) with DLNA (on WiFi), it becomes very choppy and it breaks up.

Troubleshooting performed:
- I've tried 2.4/5GHz on th TV and I know the WiFi coverge in my house, specially in and around the TV, is quite fine. On my phone, using iperf, I can consistently hit 150Mbps or above on the same network.
- I have tried different AP hardware (and different brands)
- On the PC (or when connecting to the HDHR web interface and looking at the status), I can see anywhere from 4Mbps to 20Mbps streaming bandwitdth depending on the channel - and they are all perfect on PC or Mobile. On the LG TV, neither one work properly and are equally choppy.
- I've tried in in single (only LG TV) or dual tuner (PC on tuner 1 and LG TV on tuner 2) mode with same issue.
- LG TV has no problems streaming DLNA from a video source on a NAS device on the same network.
- I have NOT tried direct LAN connection (is a bit challenging).
- I am still on Firmware: 20170930 - a bit worried to try out the later firmware (as I think I had issues on my other HDHR from a few years a go that when I updated fw, it crapped out completely and I have a bricked unit)

Any ideas?

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