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Reception, channel detection, network issues, CableCARD setup, etc.
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HDHomeRun Flex 4K poor reception - indianfoodyummy

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nickk wrote: Tue Sep 21, 2021 1:04 pm The FLEX reception performance outperforms all generations of EXTEND. It has an improved input stage, newer generation tuners, and good shielding. The FLEX input range exceeds CableLabs specs for cable TV.

You need approximately 50% signal quality for ATSC 1.0 channels to detect as 50% corresponds to the minimum SNR needed for ATSC 1.0 reception.
I have an HDHR5-4K from 2020, and not specifically the Flex, and I wanted to both provide feedback and ask a question.
First, question... is there, or would you (Nickk) please consider posting some units and thresholds related to Signal Strength and Signal Quality?
My Samsung TV's only tell me SNR in dB, which from my comparison to HDHR real-time polling seems to directly relate to Signal Strength. i.e. as the dB increased on my Samsung TV's, the percent Signal Strength also increased in HDHR.
But, your comment above suggests SNR should relate to signal quality, even though I didn't see any relationship between Samsung SNR increases and HDHR Signal Quality ratio. In fact, I found that when I apparently over-amplified the signal (and i assume created some reflections within the RG6 antenna cable, the SNR might go up on Samsung, but the Signal Quality would drop some, and Symbol Quality would quickly drop to 0...

So, I assume from the above that Samsung's dumb end-user interface is a poor alternative measurement device. Still...it would be nice to have more clarity on the lightly-technical aspects of how voltage/current, SNR, and perhaps phase relate to/influence the 3 metrics the HDHR provides.

Feedback: I'm in Dayton, OH, and Cincy just started broadcasting ATSC3 last week. My antenna is home-made.. a simple fractal dipole out of wire, with a balun. I wasn't sure if I could pickup Cincy (52-60 miles to different towers) without a directed UHF antenna, but apparently the answer is yes...although amplification is key. To that end, I found that I could easily saturate the HDHR and break its ability to record well before my Samsung TV would complain... so, what I ended up doing was:
1) Replace my pre-amp with a new one that had adjustable amplification + dial it to maximize Signal Quality, not Signal Strength
2) install a distribution amp to gently raise the Signal Strength, mostly without harming Signal Quality
3) Counter-intuitively, install a -3.5dB device (splitter) between the distribution amp + the HDHR to solve over-amplification, or perhaps signal reflection to feed the HDHR.
without the distribution amp, I didn't get above 15db to my TV input, thus no Nextgen tv (direct into TV). With distribution amp, I get SNR of 20-21 (direct into TV)...but with distribution amp, the HDHR has ~0% Symbol Quality... with the additional splitter, Symbol quality jumps to 100%, and signal quality increases a small amount.

With the model I just mentioned, I can watch Nextgen tv directly on my tv, and I can record from HDHR into plex.

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Re: HDHomeRun Flex 4K poor reception - indianfoodyummy

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What are you doing about the audio?

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