HD Prime Clear qam

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HD Prime Clear qam

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Is a cable card required with a Prime if the tv signal is not encrypted, i.e. signal is clear qam

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Re: HD Prime Clear qam

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a prime, as well as any of the other HDHomeRun tuners (perhaps not some international models) can tune clear qam without a cablecard. Unless you know that your provider has appropriate psip data provided, you may find yourself needing 3rd party software to more easily use clear qam (guide, channel names, regular channel numbers) as the other point for a cablecard besides the handling of decryption is to handle the channel mapping.

Personally, I feel that unless your intention is to eventually add a cablecard, and/or you already have a prime and just asking for the sake of asking, I would go with a quatro and thus if you ever get rid of cable you can use it for OTA. From SD, Flex Quatro is same price as prime, you would get an additional tuner (useable as a prime has an additional tuner used for oob) and you would be able to tune ATSC and ATSC3.0 if you decide to drop cable)

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