HDHR 4K Tuners Reverting To 'Channel 0"

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HDHR 4K Tuners Reverting To 'Channel 0"

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I have used a 2 channel HDHR for DXing and it failed so I used that as an excuse to upgrade to a 4K which seems to be more sensitive than the old one, which is good. The bad part is, when I tune the tuners to blank channels, they reset to "channel 0" after 30 minutes which is a huge disadvantage for any DX'er. Submitted a ticket a couple days ago and no response. Any ideas ?

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Re: HDHR 4K Tuners Reverting To 'Channel 0"

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Are you tuning with hdhomerun_config_gui.exe? I recently read on the forum that you can open multiple instances of hdhomerun_config_gui.exe and tune each one to a different channel so that they don't default back to channel 0 due to inactivity.

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