Suddenlyl only getting certain channels

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martin halstead
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Re: Suddenlyl only getting certain channels

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OK. I've been rescanning each day , and this morning all the DRM flags on the non premium channels are gone. Everything works as it did before. It look like, annoying as it is, that every time COX makes a changes, the DRM flag re-appears on everything except the local channels. I assume I will have to go through the same nonsense again when the rationalize the duplicate channel numbers.

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Re: Suddenlyl only getting certain channels

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I must be one of the lucky ones. Only a few premiums have drm but others don't so I subscribe to hbo for example and I'm able to record and view two out of the five or so channels I get. My card lost validation a few weeks ago but I only noticed when I suddenly couldn't watch cinemax but every other channel worked. I called and got my cable card validated and grabbed hbo and showtime. while I was on the phone with the cable card tech I asked her if she has had a lot of calls this week and she said yes, from both tivo and hdhr owners. Hopefully I don't suffer the same fate as everyone here but if I do I'll have to drop cable altogether.

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