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by PVR4Me
Thu Jul 04, 2019 3:25 am
Forum: HDHomeRun Hardware Setup & Troubleshooting
Topic: Difference between HDHR5-4US and HDHR5-4US(CA)?
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Re: Difference between HDHR5-4US and HDHR5-4US(CA)?

Well, yes, the hardware and software will work to receive Canadian broadcasts but think about the poor viewer. They've got to be prepared to hear such weird Canadian pronouncements as "Eh" and "Beauty" and even "Beauty, eh?". And the endless salivating over maple syrup, peameal bacon and butter tart...
by PVR4Me
Wed Feb 13, 2019 5:47 am
Forum: Third Party Software
Topic: EyeTV dead for me
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Re: EyeTV dead for me

I used to use EyeTV long ago. A lot of EyeTV users tend to keep a TV window open on the desktop while they are working on other things. They may not even mention that to you, Nate, as they assume that's how everyone wants to use a DVR. (Not me.)